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Louise’s mission is to help people see the link between modern food and chronic disease, it could save your life.

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Hello! My name is Louise Stephen and I’m the author of ‘Eating Ourselves Sick’ – a book that shines a light on the hazards of our modern diet.

It seems that today suboptimal health has become the ‘new normal’, indeed the 2016 ‘Australia’s health’ report published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that more than 11 million Australians have at least one chronic disease. Similar figures have been reported in other wealthy Western nations, and sadly many developing nations are rapidly succumbing as well. While the chronic disease burden is multifactorial, the role of modern-day food in this epidemic can no longer be denied. It is cheap, convenient and accessible – but also hugely destructive to our health. My book will help you cut through the confusion and propaganda that stands between you and a healthy diet.

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“Louise Stephen’s powerful, no-holds-barred demolition of Big Food dissects the profit motive that has filled our food supply with toxic oils and sugar, and shows us how money is destroying our health”

David Gillespie, Author ‘Sweet Poison’, ‘Toxic Oil’, ‘Big Fat Lies’ & ‘Eat Real Food’

“There are many books on the market telling us what is wrong with our health and giving us a variety of solutions, but Louise Stephen explains why we are where we are: historically, politically, and scientifically. In Eating Ourselves Sick, she clearly explains the vested interests of money and power operating in many spheres of health, and how these vested interests are often part of the reason we have the extraordinary burden of chronic disease we are now seeing in our modern society. Louise asks you to challenge the collective wisdom and to question much of the accepted dogma.”

Dr Ross Walker, Consultant cardiologist, MB BS (Hons), FRACP, FCSANZ, Consultant Cardiologist, Author, Speaker and Media Health Presenter


“People are fed by a food industry that pays no attention to health, and are then treated by a health industry that pays no attention to food.”

Wendell Berry

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Louise, Speaker

Does it shock you to know that 11 million Australian’s now have a chronic disease and much of it is diet related?

Suboptimal physical and mental health has become the ‘new normal’ globally but alongside poor health comes personal suffering and the loss of human potential.

How did we get here and what went wrong?

Louise walks you through the history of how and why we are eating ourselves sick. Covering the history, the politics and the science that has led to our dependence on energy dense but nutrient poor modern foods rich in sugar, refined grains and seed oil.

Your audience will rethink their existing paradigm and be inspired to take action as Louise turns the spotlight on the 50-year feeding experiment that has robbed us of our health, happiness and potential.

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